The primary school continues the educational work started in the kindergarten and the kindergarten St. Charles. It is made up of six two-year classes. The average class size is 26 children. A total of approximately 300 children are taught, challenged and encouraged, cared for and supported by 12 class teachers and many additional subject teachers. The classrooms of the primary school are equipped with modern furniture and in the outdoor areas reserved for the primary school, green and play areas invite students to relax and play.

In addition to the curriculum, various seasonal festivals, musical events, sports days, excursions and field trips are an integral part of the primary school.

In the first grade, the pupils learn the basic cultural techniques of reading, writing and arithmetic in their mother tongue. The timetable also includes German, English, social studies, religion, science, art, music and sport. The playful use of German as a foreign language is continued in a more intensive way, which builds on kindergarten and preschool.


After school, students can attend extracurricular activities. In addition to traditional teaching, modern forms of teaching, such as interdisciplinary teaching, project work, team teaching, or group work and free work, are increasingly finding their way into everyday teaching.

Together we work on the task of promoting the individual talents of the children and preparing them as best as possible for the future.


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