Jerusalem - The Holy City for three world religions: Christianity, Judaism and Islam. There where these religions meet is a unique school: the Schmidt Schule.

The Schmidt Schule was founded in 1886 as a private girls' school under Catholic school sponsorship.

The objective was and still is to offer girls' education at the highest level: intercultural, interreligious, multilingual, holistic and independent of the social and religious background of the students. Today, this offer is taken up by 530 girls of Christian or Muslim faith. Since 2008, the Schmidt Schule has belonged to the circle of 140 German schools abroad worldwide and since 2015 it has held the seal of quality "Excellent German School Abroad".

On International Women's Day, there was a special woman and special guest at the Schmidt School: Sally Azar, a graduate of the Schmidt School and pastor of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Jordan and the Holy Land since January 2023 - the first woman to hold this position. Sally attended the Schmidt School from 2000 to 2014 and studied theology in Beirut and Germany. On this year's International Women's Day, she spoke to 11th and 12th graders about her life and the role of women in society. Many thanks to Sally for this inspiring exchange among Schmidt Girls.

This year's Student Council

Listening skills, not being afraid of challenges and self-confidence. These are the strengths a student committee member of the Schmidt Schule should possess, say Christina Mansour (9B) and Julie Ghneim (10B), the new student representatives. Apart from them, also Leila Athamneh (10B) and Amani Saleh (11S) form the student committee, as well as Wafa`a Abbassi representing the Elementary. Congratulations to the newly elected students’ council! This year topics like school uniform and library opening times are on their agenda. The representatives also want to initiate activities and projects in order to collect donations for needy local organisations.



Video length: 8 min.

Follow the ways of your heart, and whatever your eyes see.

(Ecclesiastes 11,9)

Sozialfonds Schmidt-Schule

The 'Sozialfonds Schmidt-Schule' covers part of the costs if the families don't have enough money to pay their daughters school fees. In this way, daughters from poor families can also get an excellent start into professional life. Generous sponsors also made it possible to purchase new equipment for the playground, additional books for the school library and stage lights for the auditorium. Perhaps you, too, would like to support the Schmidt School and its students.

Perhaps you, too, would like to support the Schmidt School and its students.


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