The Schmidt Schule East Jerusalem was founded in 1886, and is a Christian-Catholic school. The owner is the DVHL (Deutscher Verein vom Heiligen Lande).
It is a recognised German school abroad and offers the Palestinian Tawjihi and the German International Abitur as university entrance qualifications.

The Schmidt Schule is located in the heart of Jerusalem next to the Damascus Gate. The school belongs to the leading educational institutions in Jerusalem, equipped with state—of-the-art laboratories, media lab, smart boards, elementary library, music rooms, assembly hall and sport grounds as well as a solar collector on the roof, etc. We offer the entire pedagogical programme from elementary to secondary.

WE ARE a school where justice, tolerance and respect are lived.

Our school fosters a climate in which all those involved in school life interact in an open, tolerant, and interfaith manner. Located in a conflict-prone environment, it is especially important to us to resolve conflicts and tensions peacefully with one another.

WE ARE a school that provides a comprehensive education in a positive learning environment.

We see each student as an individual with unique abilities, strengths and talents that need to be nurtured. In a friendly teaching and learning environment, we want our students to take responsibility for their own learning and to acquire a broad range of knowledge.

WE ARE a school with high educational standards in all subjects.

By continuously evaluating, developing, and safeguarding the quality of school and teaching, we pursue a future-oriented education. A key feature of the Schmidt-Schule is the use and acquisition of German, English, and Arabic as languages of instruction. Students and teachers alike are expected to embrace contemporary teaching and educational methods.

WE ARE a school that offers opportunities for intercultural exchange.

As a recognized German school abroad, our school is committed to the goal of intercultural encounter. Daily school life and extracurricular activities encourage curiosity and openness towards foreign cultures and invite exchange.

WE ARE a school that places a high value on understanding and collaboration.

All those involved in school life are members of a community committed to the success and goals of the school. This requires regular, reliable communication, information, and team-oriented cooperation.

WE ARE a school that prepares its female students to take responsibility in society.

The school promotes the development of an awareness of values and norms among the female students, who are expected to assume responsibility. This enables them to make an impact on society beyond their school years.

(Approved in July 2012)


Telefon: +972 (0)-2-62678-70 (Arabisch / Englisch) Telefax: +972 (0)-2-6275321

Schmidt-Schule Jerusalem Nablus Road 97 P.O. Box 995 9100 901 Jerusalem

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