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Welcome to the website of Parents' Advisory Committee (PAC)!


Parents are more than welcome to participate in the life of the School, for the wellbeing of the students, and for building further on the great credibility of Schmidt’s School as a beacon of educational excellence.

In the years since it has been founded, Schmidt’s School gave Palestinian society many women leaders that we are all proud of. The School is determined to continue in its tradition of excellence. By doing so, we are helping the girls became active citizens not only in their community, but also as builders of cultural understanding with the world.


This years PAC-Representatives (contact: Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!): Mrs Rula Daghash, Mr. Bassam Kort and Mr. Hatem Awad














1 (A)



Mrs. Helen Misleh







1 (B)



Mr. Mahmout Odeh







2 (A)



Mrs. Pauline Jololian







2 (B)



Mrs. Rula Barghouti







3 (A)



Mrs. Cathreina Qamar







3 (B)



Mrs. Ghabboum 







4 (A)



Mrs. Muna Salem





   4 ( B )             Mrs Anna Sbitany  





5 (A)



Mrs. Katrina Mansour





  5 ( B )    





6 (A)



Mrs. Katrina Hanna







6 (B)



Mr. Khaled Zahaikeh





  7 ( A )              Mrs Tania Jildeh  


7 ( B )



Mr Hatem Awad







8 (A)



Mrs. Raba'a Amirah





   8 ( B )               Mrs Sylva Eideh  



   9 ( A )              Mr Husam Schweiki  
   9 ( B )                


10 (A)






  10 ( B )

         Mr Sadek Shweiki






11 - Tawjihi (A)



Mr. Bassam Kort







11 - Tawjihi (Sc.)










11- Abitur (B)





  12 - Tawjihi(A)     Mrs Mai Amad    


12 - Tawjihi (Sc.)



Mrs. Malekeh Sub laban




12 - Abitur









Statutes for the PAC

PAC Bylaws (English)

PAC Bylaws (Arabic)