Information (09/05/2018)
Dear Parents,


Starting the begining of Ramadan we will observe the folllowing time table


Information (08/05/2018)

Dear Parents,


We would like to thank all who completed the school fees 2017-2018 and we would like to remind you to complete the remaining unpaid school fees of 2017-2018 if you did not do so.

Please note that the registration fees for next year 2018-2019 for 200 NIS can be made to Ms. Mary until 31 May 2018.


Best regards



Information (11/04/2018)
Dear SSJ Parents and Friends - 


Today we have been informed by Educational Authorities that due to the Feast of "Israa' and Mi'raj" schools will be closed on Saturday, 14 April 2018. Schmidt-Schule will be closed on this Saturday.

We wish all families a happy feast!

Best regards
Information (29/03/2018)



Dear SSJ Parents and Friends - 
The past few days were filled with different extra-curricular activities.
Last Saturday career counselling was offered to our students. We invited educational organizations to our school to inform classes 11 and 12 about their programmes: Bethlehem University, Hebrew University, Jenin University, Najah University, UNO College, Hadassah College, Azrielli College, Amid East, Rouwad, DAAD.
Last week students of our school participated successfully in basketball and table tennis tournaments from the Ministry of Education in Jerusalem.
Yesterday auditions started for our next talent show and we are excited to see how gifted Schmidt's girls are in various fields.
Just today our 12th graders return from their three-day senior trip to Eilat, were they explored the Red Sea and the Negev desert.
Our younger students have been busy with an egg-hunt at St. Charles Hospice this morning.
Today we start our spring holidays. We wish all our students, their families, and our colleagues a refreshing and enjoyable spring break. 
We are back to school on Wednesday, 11 April.
For those of you who celebrate with us this special time of the year:
I wish you happy Easter days with the traditional Oriental Easter greeting, first heard in Jerusalem:
"Christ is risen! He is risen indeed!"
Warm regards
Dirk Poppendieker
Deputy Head of School
Information (17/02/2018)


Dear SSJ Parents - 

Due to the Women's Day on 8 March, the Ministry announced that schools will have a day off on that day.

Schmidt-Schule will therefore be closed for students on Thursday, 8 March.

Best regards

Information (17/02/2018)



Dear SSJ Parents - 

On Tuesday, 20 February, between 10:00 am - 12:00 pm sirens in Jerusalem sound an alarm and schools conduct a missile drill.
Students, teachers and staff practise moving to shelter areas in their school when the sirens sound.

Our teachers have already begun to inform students about this drill and practise the security procedures in our school.

We ask our students to address this topic with their parents, too - why such drills are done and what kind of feelings and fears might come up in such a situation. We recommend that you take time to discuss this with your daughter. We want your daughter to feel safe and secure at their school.

If you have any comments or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Best regards

Dirk Poppendieker
Dep. Head of School


Information (05/02/2018)
Dear SSJ Parents and Friends - 
Registration is now open for the Swimming Activity,
Every Monday or Tuesday starting from the month of February from 14:00-15:30.
Sessions will be held  at the YMCA under the Supervision of Ms Jacquelin.
Please do finalize the required payment of 450 NIS at Ms Marys desk by the 10rd of February 2018.
Information (22/01/2018)

Dear SSJ Parents - 

Due to our marks conferences this week on WednesdayThursday andSaturday, lessons end at 2 PM.
Students have to leave the school premises, as there are no after-school-activities and no waiting room on these days.

Best regards

Dr. Eva Schönemann
Head of School



Information (20/12/2017)
Dear SSJ Parents and Friends - 
I want to use the last newsletter of this year as an opportunity to stop for a short moment in the middle of all the trouble and work around us.
The last weeks have been very exhausting for all of us with many extra-curricular activities and all of us are looking forward to the holidays.
But the end of the year is also a time to have a break and to look back at the year that passed and to the time that is coming.
With Dag Hammerskjöld, a Swedish diplomat and author, I would like to say:
“For all that has been, Thank you.
For all that is to come: Yes!”
So, now it is the time to say THANK YOU to all of you who have supported our school in so many ways.
THANK YOU to all my colleagues of Schmidt’s for your great commitment combined with much joy and patience for the development and education of our students!
THANK YOU to all our parents for your support and encouragement in the school community!
THANK YOU to our administration, the maintenance team, the kiosk team and our volunteers Serafina, Lynn and Noah for all their daily support in the background of the school day!
THANK YOU to all people from outside the school who keep the school community in their prayers!
Even though I am looking forward to some days off and seeing my family during the holidays, I am also looking forward to coming back to school next year and continue the work together with all of you in our unique school.
I wish you a peaceful and blessed Christmas,
refreshing holidays and a Happy New Year!
School starts again on Tuesday, 9 January 2018.
Dr. Eva Schönemann
Head of School
Information (10/12/2017)


Would you like to enroll your daughter at Schmidt-Schule?

Registration will be open from 11–18 December 2017 from 8:00 to 14:00.

You can download the application form here and submit the application for Tamhidi at Schmidt-Schule (for girls born between 01.01. - 31.12.2013).

·      Fully accredited international degree (German Abitur)

        and Tawjihi certificates

·      Intercultural experience

·      Strong academics

·      Welcoming school community

·      Extra-curricular activities

·      Proficiency in four languages

        (German, English, Arabic, Hebrew)

·      130 years in service



Information (08/12/2017)


Dear SSJ Parents and Friends


TomorrowSaturday, 9 December, lessons resume at Schmidt-Schule according to the timetable.

Best regards





Information (05/12/2017)
Dear SSJ Parents and Friends - 

Due to the present uncertain situation and the school's exposed location, the Administration and the Board of Schmidt-Schule have decided to keep the school closed for security reasons tomorrow, Thursday, 7 December.

Best regards
Information (06/12/2017)


Dear SSJ Parents and Friends - 
We are keeping a close eye on the current situation in Jerusalem and will keep you updated should there be any known impact on the school or our area.
In a critical situation, we will inform you via our emergency message system. Registered members of our SSJ community will then receive a text message.
We tested our emergency message system this morning at 8:05 am. If you did not receive a text message, please email Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein! to ensure that we have your most current cell number entered into our system.
During times of tension, we will communicate with you through our text messaging system, through our newsletter and our website.
The school's newsletter can be subscribed here.
Please, do not call the school in the event of an external emergency, as we might not be able to have all our phone lines open.
Best regards
Information (05/12/2017)
Dear SSJ Parents and Friends - 
Yesterday we lit the first candle on our Advent wreath at 7:30 am, just before school started. This reminded us that we are already in December and the year is swiftly moving to its end.
My first three months as the new Head of School have passed quickly and I want to thank you for all your support and the wonderful warm welcome into the Schmidt's community!
The past weeks have been filled with lots of different activities and events, like
    the celebrations of the National Days of Germany and Palestine
    exchange programmes and visits from our partner schools in Germany (Cologne, Mainz, Freiburg)
    various sports contests and competitions
    St. Martin's Day celebration
    Music concert of the Jerusalem Christian schools in Notre Dame
A big THANK YOU to everybody who has made this possible - thanks to all parents and colleagues who aim to make our school a unique place and a safe and thriving environment for our girls!
The Parents Advisory Committee (PAC) has started their work: The three nominated speakers are Constanze Klatt, Anna Sbitany and Hatem Awad - please, do not hesitate to contact them, if you want to address a special topic or need advice in certain matters.
To all the families and friends who celebrate with us this special time of the year, we wish a peaceful and blessed Advent season!
Dr Eva Schönemann
Information (29/11/2017)


Dear SSJ Parents - 

Due to an Islamic holiday our school is closed tomorrowThursday, 30 November.

Best regards




Information (06/11/2017)




تحية طيبة وبعد،

نود الاشارةبأن الموعد النهائي لتسديد الدفعة الثانية من القسط المدرسي للعام الحالي 2017-2018

هو 30 نوفمبر2017 وذلك تبعاً لقرار مجلس ادارة مدرسة شميدت للبنات.

الرجاء التوجة الي مكتب المحاسبة  بين 27 و30 نوفمبر2017 بين الساعة السابعة والنصف حتى الساعة الثالثة والنصف مساءاً لتكملة  الدفعة الثانية .

اذا كان لديكم أية استفسارات الرجاء الاتصال بالسيدة ماري سحار.


مع الشكر،،،،،


Dear SSJ-Parents
We would like to remind you that the second payment of school fees 2017-2018 is due on 30 November 2017 according to the Schmidt School board decision.


For the second payment, please turn to the accounting office between 27 to  30 November 2017 between 7:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m.

If you have any questions regarding this subject, do not hesitate to contact Ms. Mary Sahhar.


Best regards

Information (19/09/2017)
Dear SSJ Parents and Friends - 
I would like to inform you that Thursday, 21 September 2017, will be a day off.
We wish all families who are celebrating the New Year a wonderful and happy New Year!
Best regards
Dr Eva Schönemann
Head of School
Information (21/08/2017)


Dear SSJ Parents and Friends - 
As the new principal I want to welcome you to the new school year 2017/18 at Schmidt-Schule Jerusalem.
I hope you all had a relaxing vacation and a good time with your family and friends.
Seeing all the students back in the school reminds me very much of the time when I was here ten years ago. I remember very well that Schmidt’s girls always loved their school and were keen on studying all the different subjects. Therefore, I really enjoyed teaching here German in different grades and because of that I am looking forward very much to starting my lessons and working together.
My subjects are Religion, German and Latin. I come from Bonn which is very close to Köln, the city where one of our partner schools is. I guess some of the students know the area of Köln and Bonn from their visit there.
In our assembly this morning we also introduced our new colleagues to the students. We warmly welcome:
- Georgina Juha (Maths, IT)
- Nour Jabareen (German)
- May Bassem Shraydeh (IT)
- Yacoub Abed Rabbo Yacoub (Arabic)
Next Wednesday we will have the honor to welcome 56 new Schmidt’s girls. The first day of our new students of classes 1A and 1B is a real annual highlight for us.
In the first week school ends at 2 pm. Our afternoon program starts after the Eid holidays. You will receive additional information about optional After-School-Activities as soon as possible.
I wish all of us a good start into the new school year and we want to thank you for partnering with us in the education of your daughter.
Dr Eva Schönemann
Head of School
Information (27/07/2017)
Dear parents and students of Schmidt-Schule
The booklists for Elementary School, Tajihi and Abitur can be downloaded by clicking on the appropriate name.
Information (22/06/2017)

Dear SSJ Parents and Friends - 


On Thursday, 22 June, students will receive their report cards and are dismissed at 12:05pm. Teachers and staff will be available until 2:00pm. Administration has office hours from Monday to Friday8am - 1pm.

As we conclude the school year at Schmidt-Schule, I want to thank you for all of the ways you have partnered with us in educating your daughters. It has been a wonderful year!

A special thanks to all of you who supported Schmidt's through their input and work in our Parents Advisory Committee (PAC) - not only giving advice on various issues, but also organizing events like the Old City tours and Nakba lessons.

For those of you who are moving on, the Schmidt’s community will miss you dearly. I wish you well and hope that you will keep in touch with us.

For those of you returning to Schmidt’s for the 2017-18 school year, we are looking forward to a new year ahead!
Book providing will be on 19 August 2017.
Our first day of school for students from grades 2-12 is Monday, 21 August. Our new first graders start on Wednesday, 23 August.
Enjoy the well-deserved summer break with family and friends!
All the best and God bless!

Dirk Poppendieker
Interim Head of School










Information (24/05/2017)
Dear parents ,
We would like to thank all who completed the school fees 2016 - 2017 and we would like to remind you to complete the remaining unpaid school fees of 2016 - 2017 if you did not do so.
Please note that the registration fees for the school year 2017 - 2018 for 200 NIS can be made to Ms Mary until the 15th of  June 2017.


Information (21/05/2017)

Dear SSJ Parents and Friends - 

I briefly want to inform you about upcoming events in the next days.

Monday, 22 May, is a regular school day at Schmidt's. However, we are aware that there will be many traffic restrictions on Monday and and Tuesday due to the visit of the US President. Municipality and local police informed us that our school does not have to be closed.

Wednesday, 24 May, school is dismissed at 12:05pm due to the so-called Jerusalem Parade and expected traffic closures.

During Ramadan our school slightly changes its schedule:

From 29 May to 3 June there are no lessons or activities and no waiting room after 2pm.
From 5-22 June we have an early release for all students after 12:05pm. There are no lessons or activities and no waiting room after 12:05pm.
Unfortunately the school is not able to provide a waiting room during the second part of Ramadan.

Re-exams are scheduled for 22 June. Students and parents will be informed in due time.

Best regards
Dirk Poppendieker

Interim Head of School
Information (26/04/2017)
Dear Parents
School administration and Board decided to keep Schmidt-Schule closed tomorrow, 27 April, as we expect transportation and security issues this Thursday due to the local situation.
Dirk Poppendieker
Interim Head of School
Information (06/03/2017)



Dear SSJ-Parents 
Today the school was informed by the Ministry of Education in Ramallah that all public and private schools are closed on Wednesday, 8 March, due to the International Women's Day.
We had actually planned several activities together with the Parents Advisory Committee (PAC) for that day as well as a Career Counselling Fair for classes 11 and 12 with representatives of nine local universities. Unfortunately we have to cancel these activities - we apologise for the inconvenience.
Best regards
Dirk Poppendieker
Interim Head of School
Information (26/02/2017)
A radio feature from a German public radio station about the difficult way to school for some of our students (feature is in German). 


Information (06/02/2017)


Dear SSJ-Parents 

On Wednesday, 8 February, the waiting room and the After-School-Activities have to be cancelled. Due to a Mary-Ward celebration, the school cannot offer supervision after 2pm on that day.

From tomorrow on, the students of 12B sit their Abitur exams in German, Arabic and Maths - we wish them all the best!

Best regards

Dirk Poppendieker

Interim Head of School



Information (29/01/2017)



Dear SSJ-Parents

Due to ongoing repairs at the heating system of Schmidt-Schule and Paulushaus, we cannot ensure that classrooms are heated tomorrow morning. Administration and Board have thus decided to keep the school closed  tomorrow, Monday, 30 January.

We ask for apologies caused by the present situation.

Best regards

Dirk Poppendieker

Interim Head of School

Information (18/01/2017)
Swimming Activity

At the YMCA

Accompanied by Ms.Jacqueline

Monday or Tuesday

Starting 06/02/2017

From 2:00-3:30


If the activity does not meet the

minimum number of participants of 10 people

within the next week 31/01/2017 the activity will be canceled.

Grab your friends and

sign up early!

Payment of 450 NIS at Ms.Mary’s desk

Thank you!

Information (12/01/2017)
Information (19/12/2016)


Dear SSJ-Parents


As we move into our last week of school before the Christmas holidays, here is our last newsletter in 2016:


  • On Wednesday, 21 December, After School Activities - including the Waiting Room - have to be cancelled. Students have to leave the school premises by 2pm, as there will be no staff on duty after 2pm!


  • Our last day of school is Thursday, 22 December. We have an early release at 12:05. School starts again on Monday, 9 January 2017.


  • Our last weeks have been packed with extra-curricular activities: three concerts of Bach's Christmas Oratorio in Jerusalem and Bethlehem, an Elementary School concert at Notre Dame, excursions to different museums, traffic education with the Jerusalem municipality, fundraising for cancer patients at Auguste Victoria and Al Makassed Hospital and for an orphanage in Bethlehem, football tournaments in Bethlehem and Ramallah, etc.


  • On Tuesday morning well-known German musician Detlev Jöcker will visit our school and meet our younger students.


  • Thank you to all parents of the Schmidt's community for your dedication, support and encouragement this year as we partner together in the education of our students - we at Schmidt's are honoured to be entrusted with your daughters!


  • Last not least: Thank you to our maintenance team, the kiosk team, our volunteers Ada, Annika and Alex, administration, and all my colleagues at Schmidt's - with your hard work, creativity and stamina, your patience and joy you are creating the positive and safe environment our students appreciate to have!


For those of you who celebrate with us this special time of the year: I wish you a blessed Christmas time with the concluding words of Johann Sebastian Bach's "Weihnachtsoratorium":


Seid froh dieweil,
Dass euer Heil
Ist hie ein Gott und auch ein Mensch geboren,
Der, welcher ist
Der Herr und Christ
In Davids Stadt, von vielen auserkoren.

Have a peaceful and refreshing end of the year 2016 - God bless!

Dirk Poppendieker
Interim Head of School


Bach's Christmas Oratorio, performed by orchestra and choir,
including Schmidt's girls, in Dormition Abbey, Jerusalem.


Christmas song, click here for the video



Information (29/11/2016)
Dear SSJ-Parents
Johann Sebastian Bach's "Weihnachtsoratorium" is a landmark of German and European music art. The performance of this classical Christmas oratorio in Jerusalem and Bethlehem is definitely a highlight in our school's calendar at the end of this year.
The Schmidt-Schule choir performs together with singers from Jerusalem, Bethlehem and Germany, accompanied by the famous German Belvedere Music Orchestra Weimar - at three different amazing locations from 8-10 December! Click here for more information and enjoy this superb event, sponsored by the German Embassy.
Our Primary School choir also performs at the traditional annual Christmas concert of the Jerusalem private schools on Friday, 2 December, at 4 pm in Notre Dame.
Just a few days earlier, on Wednesday, 30 November, the Oslo Philharmonic Chorus from Norway visits our school for a short concert and an afternoon workshop for interested students and teachers.
A few weeks ago our Parents Advisory Committee (PAC) organised a career counselling test for our upper grades students - thank you for this helpful orientation on future career planning for our Schmidt's girls!
On Saturday, 3 December at 3:30 pm, we invite students from grades 11 and 12 and their parents to an information meeting: "Studying in Germany - What do I have to know and how does it work?" Our speaker is from the German DAAD office in Jerusalem and is specialised in student counselling for German universities.
Stay in contact with the Schmidt's community.
And for those of you who celebrate this season: We wish you a blessed Advent!
Warm regards
Dirk Poppendieker
Interim Head of School


Information (29/10/2016)



Dear SSJ-Parents


Beginning from next week, class teachers will contact you by phone or email, informing you about your daughter's strengths and challenges this term. Please, do not hesitate to contact subject teachers and arrange to meet them in their office hours for further consultations.
I do encourage you to work closely together with my colleagues to fuel and enhance your daughter's performance at Schmidt's.

On 5 November, students from grade 10-12 are offered an assessment test on career counselling.

Our Festival of Lanterns is scheduled for 12 November, 5pm here in our school. All students from grade 1-4, the children from St. Charles kindergarten, and all their families are warmly invited.

For all those who really want to boost their German language skills: The Goethe Institut Germany offers intensive language courses for teens during the summer vacations in Germany. If this sounds interesting to you, you find more information in Arabic here, and in English here.

Finally: The local (and German) daylight saving time ends on 30 October: In the night between Saturday and Sunday clocks are set one hour back.
We are looking forward to welcoming our students (and colleagues) on Monday morning refreshed after a good weekend's sleep.

Warm regards
Dirk Poppendieker

Interim Head of School


Information (17/10/2016)
The SSJ community takes part in a joint "Pink October Project" - together with the Rosary School and St. Joseph School. We want to increase awareness of the dangers of breast cancer:


Information (11/10/2016)



Dear SSJ-Parents


As already mentioned in our last meetings of parents and class teachers, be informed that our Parent-Student Handbook with a lot of practical information is online.
Check the School Newsletter for more information and access.

Be reminded that our school is off on Wednesday due to road closures on Yom Kippur. We will have an early release on Tuesday at 12.05 pm to assure that all students can return back home in due time.

Warm regards


Dirk Poppendieker


Interim Head of School


Information (29/09/2016)


Dear SSJ-Parents

We have been informed that due to the death of former Israeli president Shimon Peres, many international leaders are coming to give their condolences in Jerusalem on Thursday and Friday. There are road closures, heavy traffic and special security measures. It is recommended to avoid Route 1 and Western Jerusalem for today and tomorrow.

Last Saturday, SSJ parents elected 
representatives. Those classes, which do not have such representatives yet, will be informed by the class teacher: Parents can then volunteer to represent their class.
All parents' representatives will then vote for a Parents Advisory Committee (PAC). The PAC regularly discusses interests of the school community with the Head of School.

On Wednesday, 5 October, the Waiting-room has to be cancelled.

Last but not least: Monday, 3 October, is a regular schoolday at SSJ.

Best regards
Dirk Poppendieker

Interim Head of School




Information (21/09/2016)
Dear SSJ-Parents,
Please, note that we invite all parents to meet the class teacher (grades 1-12) on Saturday, 24 Sep, from 2:30 - 3:30 pm in their daughter's class room. This is an excellent opportunity to meet (new) teachers, get informed about the development of your daughter's class - and maybe even participate actively in our parents advisory committee (PAC) as a class representative.
On Sunday, 25 September, we welcome a group of students and teachers from our exchange school in Köln (Cologne): 18 German girls will stay with the Palestinian host families of our 10th graders, exploring Jerusalem, Palestine and its unique culture. Thank you to all who are involved in this exciting project!
We are proud to offer our Schmidt's girls different exchange programmes to Germany: Freiburg/Black Forest in Southern Germany, or Köln on the Rhine river (grade 9/10), and Mainz/Berlin (grade 11/12). The last programme focuses on studying in Germany and on Berlin as the political, historical and cultural hub of Germany and Europe.
Through these programmes our students practise and enhance not only their German language skills, but also gain first-hand insights into the German way of life. That is why we esteem our cross-cultural programmes as a landmark of "a Schmidt's education" for your daughter!
Best regards
Dirk Poppendieker


Interim Head of School







Information (28/08/2016)



Dear SSJ-Parents,



Do you still remember your first day at school and how you felt?

What a thrill it was today for our 56 new Schmidt's girls from grade 1A and 1B - accompanied by their parents and relatives - to be welcomed in our school by their class teachers, Ms Daisy and Ms Hanan, and our new Head of Elementary School, Ms Janna!
We wish them a great start and God's blessings - and we are honored to be part of their school education and career in the coming months and years!

We hope they will make friends soon, explore curiously their new environment, and adapt well to school life.

And we welcome the new parents, who entrust their daughter(s) to Schmidt's,  into our school community.
Also new, but a bit older, are our three volunteers who arrived the other day from Germany. They support our students this school year in various fields, like day trips, language learning, activities, administration, etc.

Best regards
Dirk Poppendieker

Interim Head of School




Information (28/08/2016)

Dear SSJ-Parents,


The students are settling in well and we are enjoying seeing their smiling faces, having our rooms filled again with noise and life each morning!

We are off to a great start and we want to thank you for partnering with us in the education of your daughter.
As mentioned before the first payment of the tuition (2000 nis )  and paying  for the books will be on Tuesday 16 , Wednesday 17 , Thursday 18 andNext Tuesday we have the honour to welcome 54 new Schmidt’s girls! The first day of our new students of classes 1A and 1B is a real annual highlight for us!
In our assembly this morning we informed students about new regulations and introduced our new colleagues to them. We warmly welcome:
  • Dana Doleh (English)
  • Nadine Shahine (Music)
  • Norma Gharfeh (Arabic)
  • Janna Grewer-Willwoll (Head of Elementary School)
  • Martina Kölsch (German)
  • Ursula Krieger (English, History, German)
  • Dr Wolf Knauber (Biology, Chemistry)
  • Murat Bannoura (P.E.)
  • Damaris Poppendieker (German, Music)
We look forward to a great year ahead.
Best regards
Dirk Poppendieker
Interim Head of School SSJ
Information (14/08/2016
Dear parents and students of Schmidt-Schule
As mentioned before the first payment of the tuition (2000 nis )  and paying  for the books will be on Tuesday 16 , Wednesday 17 , Thursday 18 and Saturday 20 of August from 8 am till 2 pm .   Furthermore the booklists for Elementary School, Tajihi and Abitur can be downloaded by clicking on the appropriate name.


Information (23/06/2016)



Dear parents and students of Schmidt-Schule,

please see below the school fees (tuition) for the coming academic school year. 


School fees :

grade 1-2:                    6700 NIS

grade 3-4:                    6800 NIS

grade 5-6:                    6900 NIS

grade 7-9:                    7100 NIS

grade 10-12:                7300 NIS


(Please note: All school fees are including the registration fee of 200 NIS)



School fee reduction for siblings at Schmidt’


For the 2nd child: 5 %

For the 3rd child: 10 %

For the 4th child: 15 %

For the 5th child: 20 %

For the 6th child: 30%


First payment: 16th, 17th, 18th and 19th of August 2016 from 8am till 2pm: 2000 NIS 


Second payment until: 30.11. 2016: 2000 NIS


Third payment until: 28.02.2017: final payments for the school year 2016/17


Please note: Do your registration fee for the school year 2017/18 until 31. 05.2017







Information (11/10/2016)


Dear SSJ-Parents

Information (19/12/2016)

Information (21/05/2017)